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Bipolar Light DVD "Dr. Jay Carter & Friends"
This is a two hour seminar on DVD, filmed at the Temple Theater in Saginaw for lay people. Dr. Carter & friends use humor, song, music, and dance to explain Bipolar Disorder. NOW AVAILABLE IN THE ONLINE STORE HERE>>>
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About The Author
Dr. Carter has made over 100 appearances on national television and radio in the USA, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom (BBC-TV in London), including the "Larry King Show", and the "Montel Williams Show".  He consulted with Reader's Digest for an article on "Mean People", and has consulted with the Oprah Winfrey Show for shows on "Verbal Abuse" and "Obnoxious Husbands"....MORE>>>
Bipolar Light
Dr.Jay shares a down to earth approach to the study and treatment of Bipolar. Professionsals and patients alike find his informative and humorous approach to be very enlightening. After 23 years of teaching professionals in the field, Dr. Jay now shares his wisdom online.  Please visit>>>
Bipolar Seminar DVD

Dr.Jay Carter's six hour seminar on Bipolar is  avaiable on DVD in the bookstore. It is highly entertaining as well as being educational for the professional as well as the layperson. The seminar is in plain English and really helps one to understand this often misunderstood disorder. You may order the DVD...HERE>>>

The Bully Caterpillar

Now an Award Winning Animation on DVD

Visit Dr. Jay's "Bully" site containing a clip from this beloved animation. 
Children and adults learn from these imprtant life lessons. 
Please visit the website HERE>>>

Dr. Jay Carter
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