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About Dr. Jay Carter

Psychologist, Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Filmmaker (awards for "Bipolar Light" and the "Bully Caterpillar" pilot film), Dr. Carter is a professional speaker doing seminars and workshops for organizations around the country. He is the author of the best selling book, "Nasty People", which has sold over one million copies in the USA and around the world.

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- American Psychological Association (APA)

- Past President of the Berks Area Psychological Society 

Dr. Carter has made over 100 appearances on national television and radio in the USA, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom (BBC-TV in London), including the "Larry King Show", and the "Montel Williams Show". He consulted with Reader's Digest for an article on "Mean People", and has consulted with the Oprah Winfrey Show. He has appeared in Oprah magazine and Cosmopolitan several times. He was a talk show host on Berks Community TV for four years.
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Dr. Carter is a sought after speaker. He is a regular speaker for Vyne Education - where his audience includes Social Workers, Counselors, Educators, Medical Doctors, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Psychologists. He has appeared before colleges, universities, and institutions like Loyola University, Temple University, United Way, IBM, the Association of University Women, and Union Carbide. Jay's workshops have made positive changes in thousands of personal and professional lives. 


He does regular workshops on:

- "Bipolar:  A New Slant"

- " The Executive Functions, Leadership and Charisma"

- "Bullies"

- "Anger Management"

- "Dealing with Difficult Personalities" 


- Nasty People (personality and verbal/emotional abuse), self-help, McGraw-Hill, NY, Revised 2003

- Nasty Men (personality and abuse), psychology/self-help, McGraw-Hill, NY, 1993

- Nasty Women (personality)  self help, McGraw-Hill, NY, 2003

-Nasty Bosses   (self help), McGraw-Hill, NY, 2004

- Taking the Bully by the Horns by Kathy Noll with Jay Carter (How kids can deal with difficult kids),      self-help ages 10-15, Unicorn Press, 1998 

- Butterflies Don't Land on Manure (A fictionalized book. New age. Romance, adventure, enlightenment) Unicorn Press, 1998

- The Bully Caterpillar (A story book for the Inner Child) Unicorn Press, 2002

- Bipolar: "The Elements of Bipolar Disorder" A Practical Guide, 2010

- Self Analysis: A Bootcamp Kickbutt Approach,  Unicorn Press, (1979, 2006)    Available on

- The Executive Function: Unlock Your Potential, Unicorn Press, 2006   Available on

-Complete Idiots Guide to Understanding Bipolar Disorder (self help), Alpha Books, NY, 2009 

To Schedule Speaking Engagements 1-610-779-7761  
or e-mail Dr. Jay

For the Vyne Education Schedule,  
on Bipolar and the Executive Function 
 1-800-397-0180 or click to

To schedule a speaking engagement on "Bullying", 
please contact Kathy Noll

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