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Hello -

If you are ordering “Bipolar: The Elements of Bipolar Disorder”, it is now out of print. However, you can still get it on by selecting one of the URLs below.

This book sold 25,000 copies and can only be accessed on LULU now.

If you already paid thru paypal for this book, I will reverse your charges next time I am on the website (1-2 weeks). I am semi-retired now.

Download $10.00

81/2 x 11 version $16.51

If you want a copy of the book for less, you can probably find a used one on Amazon for less than $5 including shipping. I get no royalties from Amazon, just saying ;>).

You can also get my book, “Idiots Guide to Bipolar Disorder” in stores or Amazon.


There is a 1&1/2 hour film I made, that you can watch for free on


My big purpose is still to help as many people as I can in regard to bipolar disorder.


If you want any of the other products on, I still have those.


Dr. Jay Carter

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